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Monkey Money 2 by Pokie Magic
Monkey Money 2
Monkey Money 2 - slots
Monkey Money 2
6.99 with game club - get details

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Monkey Money 2 Mac Version
Download the 'Free Trial' 5 reel Pokie Magic Game Monkey Money 2 Slots Apple Mac Version
Monkey Money 2 Mac Version
6.99 with game club - get details

Monkey Money 2.

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The monkey is back, and he's brought a tuxedo! With 7 different game features and 5, 25 or 50 paylines, it's Monkey Money 2 HD! Can you accomplish all 45 special achievements?. During normal play the Monkey acts as a wildcard and substitutes for all symbols except scattered coins symbols. Scattered coin symbols pay anywhere in the window. 3 or more coins showing anywhere in the game window (4 in the Special Edition) triggers the Wild Monkey free games. 4 or more coins (5 in the Special Edition) triggers the Monkey Scratch Feature!

The Wild Monkey free games.
There are 15 exciting Wild Monkey spins to play. After each spin, a cheeky monkey will peep over the top of some reels. If he likes what he sees he will parachute over the top and glide all the way to the bottom of the reel, changing all symbols on the reel to WILD! The peeping monkey can appear on all reels except reel 3. At the end of the Wild Monkey free games, you can keep your win, or play the Double Toucan feature! Choose any of the 12 toucans. If you're lucky he will double your entire win. If you're not... he will take your entire win from you. You can keep choosing toucans and doubling your win, or leave at any time. Your entire wild monkey free games win can be doubled up to 12 times!

The Monkey Scratch Feature.
4 or more coins (5 in the Special Edition) triggers the Monkey Scratch Feature! Scratch any of the 9 panels until you match two or more of the same symbols.

Match 2 hippos to win the Wild Hippo Feature
Prepare to be catapulted into the exciting world of coconuts and hippos! Fire 3 coconuts into the mouths of the waiting hippos. Watch the power bar and the catapult, and choose the best time to fire. Aim for the hippos with the most spins! If you accidentally hit a hippo when her mouth is closed, she will sink beneath the waves. Once you've fired all of the coconuts, any spins you've won are added to 5 bonus free games in the Wild Hippo games. During the Wild Hippo games, all monkey wildcards are removed from all reels. On reel 3, a new super wildcard hippo appears in groups of 3. After each spin, any hippo superwilds will step out of their reel, look left and right and choose a way to run. They will then stampede in that direction changing all symbols to wild along the way! Special catapult symbols appear on reels 2 and 4 and multiply your wins!

Match 2 banana symbols to play the awesome Banana Bonus Feature.
It's a real balancing act - can you get the golden coconuts into the baskets with the highest spins? Launch each coconut at just the right time and it might just happen! Once all coconuts have landed in the baskets, the Banana Bonus free games will begin, with all wins DOUBLED. During the Banana Bonus games, special bonus hats will appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. After each spin the hats will reveal a mystery credits bonus which is added to your free games win. If a hat lands on all three reels, the bonuses will pay and then those three reels will re-spin with hats locked in place. All hats appearing after the respin will pay bonuses. Each time a respin shows additional hats, a new respin is triggered! The respins end when no new hats appear or all positions are filled with hats.

Match 2 jackpot symbols to play the amazing Cocopot Jackpot round.
The sneaky monkey is back! This time he has hidden a golden coconut under one of four coconuts. Watch carefully as he shuffles the coconuts. If you can find the golden coconut under the correct coconut shell, you win 1/4 of the current cocopot jackpot value. Any time you win you can either return to normal games and keep your prize or keep going and risk the prize you've won. If you fail to locate the golden coconut on the next attempt, the monkey will steal the prize you've won so far! Challenge the monkey a second time and win, and you win 1/2 of the current cocopot jackpot value.Challenge him a third time, and win, and you win the entire cocopot jackpot! Challenge him a fourth time, and win and you DOUBLE the cocopot jackpot!

Match 2 Monkeno symbols to play Monkeno!.
Monkeno is an exciting Keno challenge. Pick 7 to 10 numbers to play. The monkey will then draw 20 numbers. If you match 5 or more numbers you win and keep playing until you lose!

Match 2 bet x 50 symbols to win 50x your total bet for the last spin.

Match 2 bet x 100 symbols to win 50x your total bet for the last spin.

During any free games, a special coconut symbol will appear on all reels. Get 3 or more and trigger the Cocopot jackpot round!

There are 45 achievements to win in Monkey Money 2 - unlock them all and the game will unlock more options!

Ordering this game gives you the 5 reel, 6 reel and Special Edition versions - 3 games for the price of 1!

Unlimited plays and wins
7 different features
Fun Graphics


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