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Mystic Palace Slots by Big Fish Games ..Mystic Palace Slots

Mystic Palace Slots Download the 'Free Trial' 5 reel Mystic Palace Slots Apple Mac Version
Mystic Palace Slots Mystic Palace Slots Mac Version
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Mystic Palace Slots.

Take advantage of the 'FREE DOWNLOAD' and 'FREE TRIAL'.

Get a taste of the mystic orient in Mystic Palace slots - the most innovative slot game ever designed! Watch the reels perform acts of mystic magic before your very eyes!
With many possible features, incredible mystic paylines and the the fabulous ReelMania, it's Mystic Palace HD! There are 60 achievements to win and an all new doubleup round to play!

During normal play the terracotta warrior acts as a wildcard and substitutes for all symbols except scattered fortune cookie symbols.
Scattered fortune cookie symbols pay anywhere.

The Double Lucky Gong Feature.
3 or more fortune cookie symbols showing anywhere in the game window (4 in the Special Edition) triggers the Double Lucky Gong Feature. You start with a minimum of 10 Lucky Gong spins.
You get to choose the number of scatters you spun up, plus 2, golden gongs to reveal feature bonuses. The bonuses combine to form your Lucky Gong Feature spins!
The 6 possible bonuses are:
Each multiplier found increase the entire free games multiplier by that number.
Each extra games symbol adds that many games to your free spins.
Find the reelmania symbol and all free games become reelmania bonus games! After any winning spin all winning symbols explode and new symbols drop in from above!
Find one mirror and the all new Mirrored Reels will activate. A second game will sit alongside the first and act as a mirror for all spins and wins!
Find TWO mirrors and you'll have FOUR Mirrored Reels games spinning up HUGE wins for the entire free games.
Find two mirrors and Reelmania and you have ULTIMATE REELMANIA - Reelmania on four games at once!

Double Lucky Gong Feature Bonuses.
During the Double Lucky spins, a bonus mystery gong symbol can appear on reel 3. The mystery gong animates after each spin to reveal one of 9 fantastical bonuses! Bonuses pay separately in each Mirrored Reels Game!
All wildcards AND bonus gongs lock in place and all reels respin. Any new pays are paid out and the bonus gongs award new bonuses.
Reels left: all reels shift left. Reel one flies over to become the new last reel.
Swap 1st and last reels - reel one flies over to to become the last reel, whilst the last reel becomes the first! All new pays are paid out.
The entire game reels EXCEPT bonus gongs will flip either horizontally or vertically. All new wins are paid out and the bonus gongs award new bonuses!
The entire game reels EXCEPT bonus gongs will rotate left or right. All new wins are paid out and the bonus gongs award new bonuses!
The Terracottapot jackpot round is awarded.

The Terracottapot jackpot
Rescue the ancient warrior to win the jackpot prize! Entombed in a maze of bricks, you'll need to find a path to save him and win the riches he holds!
Select a brick from each layer working from the outside in. Find a gold statue inside to continue. Find an empty brick and the jackpot is lost! Find your way to the middle and bask in the glory of saving the warrior and winning the entire jackpot!
Maxicash progressive jackpots-
There are four mystery jackpots which can be won at any time during normal play - the maxicash progressive jackpots!
Stop the reels one by one. If you match three of the same jackpot coins you win that jackpot!
The maxicash jackpot round is triggered completely at random. Good luck!

There are 60 achievements to win in Mystic Palace Slots - unlock them all and the game will unlock more options! Locked options included special edition play and high payouts mode.

After any win, you can gamble red or black, or pick a suit to win up to four times the original win. You can also play roulette or blackjack or the all new 3 way cards doubleup game.

System Requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 7
or Mac OS 10.6.6+
128 MB Ram
DirectX 9.0c


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