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Pyramid Pays 2 - Pokie Slots Game

Pyramid Pays 2 by Pokie Magic
Pyramid Pays 2
Pyramid Pays 2 - slots
Pyramid Pays 2
6.99 with game club - get details

Pokie Magic Games Pyramid Pays 2 Screenshot
Pyramid Pays 2 Mac Version
Download the 'Free Trial' 5 reel Pokie Magic Game Pyramid Pays 2 Slots Apple Mac Version
Pyramid Pays 2 Mac Version
6.99 with game club - get details

Pyramid Pays 2.

Take advantage of the 'FREE DOWNLOAD' and 'FREE TRIAL'.

When the moon sets over the famous pyramids, the Pharaoh returns with his biggest ever wins! With 5 different game features, 25 or 50 paylines and the all new Royal Reels, it's Pyramid Pays 2 HD! With a massive 60 special achievements, there's more to see and play than ever before... During normal play the Pharaoh acts as a wildcard and substitutes for all symbols except scattered pyramid symbols. Scattered pyramid symbols pay anywhere in the window.
3 or more pyramids showing anywhere in the game window (4 in the Special Edition) triggers the Mega Pyramid feature.

The Mega Pyramid feature.
The suns rays add fire to the mystic pyramids in the Mega Pyramid Feature. Choose any 5 of the flying pyramids to try and win one of three different free games features! Match any 3 and win that feature! If there are less than 3 of the same symbol revealed you return immediately to normal games.
Match 4 and win that feature with the Mega Pyramid bonus at the end of your free games! A small mega pyramid will rotate continuously on screen during your free games to show the Mega Pyramid bonus is coming up!
Match 5 the same and win that feature with the Mega Pyramid bonus at the end of your free games AND all free games pays start at x3!

Nefertiti's Royal Reels Feature.
In the royal reels feature there are 15 games with 576 paylines in the 5 reel version and 2,306 in the 6 reel game! All pays are doubled. Three or more symbols pay anywhere on adjacent reels from left to right. There are no fixed paylines.
The normal wildcards are removed and a special Nefertiti wildcard appears on reel 3 (3 and 4 in the 6 reel) only. Any Nefertiti wilds will lock in place and all reels will respin to win more! Any new Nefertiti wilds will also lock in place until no new wildcards are found. If reel 3 fills with wildcards, all reels respin one additional time!
Special x2 multiplier symbols appear on reel 2 and also act as wildcards. Special x4 multiplier symbols appear on reel 4 and also act as wildcards.
Scattered pyramids appear on the first and last reel only and 2 will trigger 3 additional free games!

The Scorpion Spins
Defeat the wicked scorpions in the Scorpion Spins! 16 free games are awarded, with all pays initially doubled. During the free games special gold coin scorpions can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. If there is only one it will automatically reveal a bonus. If there is more than one showing, you must choose one to reveal your bonus!
Bonuses include extra credits, additional free games, and the very special Power of Anubis bonus.
Anubis stands guard, ready to protect you against the advancing scorpions. Each time you win a Power of Anubis bonus, he will increase your feature multiplier. Beware though: some cunning scorpion bonuses will reset your feature multiplier to 1!

Reel Cascade
The amazing Reel Cascade feature earned the respect of Ra himself! 20 free games are awarded, with all wins doubled. The reels cascade into place like the mighty bricks of Egypt. After any spin, any winning symbols in that spin explode out of existence and new symbols cascade in from above. The cascade continues for as long as new wins occur!
After each cascade the multiplier for the next cascade increases by 1!
Special Egyptian torches appear on reel 3 and 5 and EXPLODE after any wins are paid out. Any symbols adjacent to the torches in any direction may change to a Pharaoh Wildcard!

Mega Pyramid bonus round
If you started your Mega Pyramid feature by matching 4 or 5 symbols, the Mega Pyramid bonus round will automatically start at the end of your free games.
Do you tempt fate and open the bonus pyramid?! Choose "Yes" and the pyramid will open to reveal a bonus multiplier for your entire feature win! Be careful though - the bonus pyramid can steal your entire feature win!
Choose "No" to keep your existing feature win.

The Urn a Fortune jackpot
Can you find the hidden letters and win the jackpot?

Maxicash progressive jackpots
There are four mystery jackpots which can be won at any time during normal play - the maxicash progressive jackpots!
Stop the reels one by one. If you match three of the same jackpot coins you win that jackpot!
The maxicash jackpot round is triggered completely at random. Good luck!

There are 60 achievements to win in Pyramid Pays 2 - unlock them all and the game will unlock more options!
Locked options included 50 paylines and high payouts mode.

Unlimited plays and wins
Fun Graphics
5 different features

System Requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 7
128 MB Ram
DirectX 9.0c


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